Staff Directory

Hawthorne Staff 2021 – 2022

Administration  –  Office:

Principal:  Mr. J. Hope
Vice-Principal:  Ms. B. Bryan
Administrative Assistants:  Ms. W. Hunt and Ms. D. Richardson


Div.  1    Grade 7  ~  Ms. S. Cadez
Div.  2    Grade 7   ~  Ms. M. Graham
Div.  3    Grade 6/7  ~  Mr. K.Tang
Div.  4    Grade 5/6  ~  Mr. M.Granum
Div.  5    Grade 5/6  ~ Ms. K. Lloyd
Div.  6    Grade 5  ~  Ms. M. Nakagawa
Div.  7    Grade 4/5  ~  Ms. T. Cherry
Div.  8    Grade 4  ~  Ms. E. McGill / Ms. C. Holliday
Div.  9    Grade 3/4  ~  Ms. K. Retallick / Ms. C. Watts
Div. 10    Grade 3 ~  Ms. J. Selles
Div. 11   Grade 3  ~  Ms. K. Brown 
Div. 12    Grade 2  ~ Ms. V. McLellan / Ms. E. Schaefer
Div. 13   Grade 2  ~  Ms. D. Taylor / Ms. S. Bohmert
Div. 14    Grade 2  ~  Ms. B. Froh
Div. 15   Grade 1/2  ~ Ms. L. Foulkes
Div. 16    Grade 1  ~ Ms. A. McGill
Div. 17   Grade 1  ~  Ms. S. Saito
Div. 18    Kindergarten  ~ Ms. L. Janzen / Ms. N. Stewart
Div. 19    Kindergarten  ~ Ms. A. Watts / Ms. E. Cross
Div. 20    Kindergarten  ~   Ms. C. Tews / Ms. E. Cross
SLP        Ms. A. Mehra

Physical Education Teachers:  Ms. H. Mack and Ms. B. Bryan
Teacher-Librarians:   Ms. H. Mack and Ms. J. Ratzlaff

Music Teacher:  Mr. C. Weins
Learning Support Teachers:   Ms. L. Emigh / Ms. K. Fischer
Gifted Support Teacher:  Ms. K. Fischer

Indigenous Literacy Teacher:  Ms. A. Mehra

Inclusion Team Teachers:   Ms. S. Robertson and Ms. A. Mehra

Youth Care Workers:  Ms. S. Bains and Mr. M. Thom

Education Assistants:    Ms. J. Botkin-Cherally, Ms. L. Hutton, Ms. M. Poloway, Ms. S. Preston and  Ms.T. Steele

Speech Language Pathologist:  Ms. S. Kassam
Counsellor:  Ms. J. Leithman / Ms. N. Huth
Psychologist:  Ms. N. Avdic

Noon Hour Supervisors:   Ms. K. Braun, Ms. T. Butcher, Ms. J. Dick, Ms. C. Fulton, Ms. A. Halseth, Ms. T. Haverstock, Ms. P. Harlow, Ms. T. Heard, Ms. J. Jackman,  Ms. D. Rana  and Ms. J. Wilson

Custodians: Mr. N. Mok, Ms. H. Bautista, Ms. S. Kumar