Co-Chair – Kim Barnes:

Co-Chair – Leanne Pryce:

Treasurer and Emergency Prep Coordinator – Katie Barton

Secretary and Milk Program Coordinator – Jasmeen Dick


DPAC Representative – Jen DenHartogh

Social Media Contact – Jill Fletcher

Safe Arrival Coordinator – Kyla Pittman

Class Rep Coordinator – Natalie Soneff

Hot Lunch Coordinator – Chris Lawton

Fruit and Veg, Milk Program, Hot Lunch and Yearbook – Jennifer Ranu

Yearbook – Dainy Aulik

Teacher Appreciation Lunch Coordinator – Amy Lockhart

Movie Night Coordinator – Helen Frost

Walk-to-School Coordinator – Sonia Brookes

Lice Patrol Coordinator – Karen Kolinsky

Garden Maintenance – Jhanine Camp and Shelley Last

Hawthorne Elementary is very proud of the active role our P.A.C. plays in the school.  The P.A.C. is dedicated to the education, as well as the emotional and physical well-being of all students in our community.  Their primary mandates are to promote effective communication between the home and school, and to encourage parents to get involved in the school on a more formal level.

As members of our community, each one of you is a member-at-large of this formal group.  Involvement in the P.A.C. allows you to contribute directly to the enhancement of the programs, facilities and equipment within our school.  The teachers greatly appreciate the supportive role that the P.A.C. has played in the past.  P.A.C. members have graciously helped in:

  • Providing necessary resources in the Library and the classrooms
  • Providing computers, software and other multi-media equipment
  • Supporting our cultural activities and special events
  • Providing volunteers to run the Hot Lunch Program
  • Preparing our school for the possibility of an earthquake
  • Funding many class field trips.