Vision & Values

Hawthorne School’s Bold Vision


Knowledge– Critical Thinking, Innovation, Discovery, Creativity

Acceptance – Inclusion, Compassion, Empathy, Diversity

Confidence– Dignity, Positive, Open-minded, Motivated

Trust – Respect, Relationships, Integrity, Loyalty

Leadership – Academic Excellence, Collaboration, Supportive, Responsibility

Perseverance– Effort counts; do our Best and do not give up.


Positive Core

Empowered to be Global Citizens, Community Leaders, and Environmental Stewards for the Future.

Inspired to reach for the stars, to Excel and Celebrate Diversity and Curiosity.

Engaged in an Inclusive Learning Environment, Healthy, Life-long Learning, and Critical Thinking.


Purpose / Mission

To Challenge students to Maximize their Potential

To Instill a passion for Lifelong Learning

To Prepare our students to be Leaders of Tomorrow

To Encourage Understanding and Acceptance

To Develop Independent and Critical Thinkers with Strong Problem Solving skills



To Inspire Life Long Learners Through Engagement and Empowerment

(created by Hawthorne Staff in 2011)