Students at Hawthorne have fun participating in extracurricular sports such as:

  • Cross-Country for Grades 3 through 7
  • Volleyball for Grades 6 and 7
  • Basketball for Grade 6 and Grade 7
  • Track and Field for Grade 4 to Grade 7

In classrooms, Action Schools materials are used to provide daily physical activities.  Dance and movement videos, music and equipment are also used to help students maintain active lifestyles.

In regular gym classes gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, pinguard, track and field, hockey stick handling, co-operative games, dance and creative movement activities are taught.

Throughout the year we have theme or festive runs.  This year we have had the whole school participate in the Terry Fox Run and the Great Pumpkin Run, led by our Grade 7 students.  Plans are in place for other seasonal runs.

In the spring, students participate in T-ball and baseball activities. Tennis Lessons are provided to varying grade levels.  Sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized in all activities.