February 9th Newsletter

Feb 12

There has been lots happening this month. Our Growth Mindset Goal for February is all about setting goals – “A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish”.  We have connected this theme with the Winter Olympics as we counted down to the opening ceremonies, and showcased some of our Olympic hopefuls. We celebrated the day with a showing of our Red and White. We also enjoyed a cultural performance by Monster Theatre, where we were treated to a hilarious presentation of “Shakespeare’s Dream”. Our basketball teams are excited for any opportunity to get out on the courts. Go Hawks!


Friday, February 16th is the PAC sponsored movie night – for the showing of Despicable Me 3. The doors open at 6 pm and the movie will start at 6:30 pm. A concession will be open with pizza, popcorn, juice, water and snacks. All Hawthorne families are welcome to attend this fun-filled community event. Thank you to all our parent volunteers for organizing this great evening.



Wednesday, February 21st and Thursday, February 22nd are our Student-Led conference dates. All classes will be dismissed at 2 pm on those days. Students are encouraged to bring their parents into their classrooms and lead their parents through their learning journey. This is a great way for parents to connect with what is happening in the classroom and gain some greater incite into your child’s learning processes. Parents – please signup for a conference time as per the information that was sent home with your child, and the email sent home from the office. Please note – classroom formats and times may vary.

During the conference times, the library will be hosting the Scholastic Book Fair. This is always an exciting time for students and staff. We’d like to thank Mrs Ratzlaff and Mrs Mack, and their team of volunteers, for bringing this fabulous event into our school. Thank you to all the students and parents who come out to support this event.


We are pleased to announce that the Indigenous Education Department has partnered with ISPARK (Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council) to offer four Lacrosse Camps for elementary school aged children in grades 1-7.

    • These camps will be on 4 different dates at 4 different elementary schools (two North End schools and two South End schools). Please see attached poster for dates and times. Families are asked to register their children on-line beforehand: registration link
    • The camps will be run by Nathan Wilson, Indigenous Cultural Enhancement Worker, who is a certified Lacrosse Coach. The camps are offered to all Indigenous students and are open to Non-Indigenous students should they wish to attend as well. The children may sign up for as many camps as they would like. Arrangements for pick up and drop off is the responsibility of parents.
    • The camps run from 3:15 to 5:00 and healthy snacks are provided.


On Wednesday, February 28th, thousands of students and staff members around B.C. will be recognizing anti-bullying initiatives by wearing a Pink shirt.  This movement commemorates an incident that took place a number of years ago at a high school in Nova Scotia.  Students at the school, rallied together against bullying by supporting a student who had been targeted with homophobic remarks after wearing a pink shirt to school.  The day after he was teased, hundreds of students wore pink to support him and the bullies received the message loud and clear.  Many of our staff members and students will be wearing pink and we hope that this day provides everyone with a reminder of what they can do to keep Hawthorne a safe, welcoming place for everyone. We can always use another reminder to be kind.


Social media use is a fact of life and it is up to all of us to help our children and our students learn how to use that technology responsibly. In many of our classrooms we use iPads, Chromebooks and MacBooks on a daily basis. Students are reminded that the technology is there to help us learn and that it is to be used respectfully.

However we know that some of our students are using social media apps to connect with their friends, and sometimes this can go badly. If your child is experiencing any unkind comments, or being exposed to any inappropriate content due to their use of technology, please help them know what to do: don’t engage, take a screenshot, block the sender, report it online to the social media app they are using, report it to the school and/or the police. For more information, please check out the following links:

RCMP Bullying and Cyber Bullying

Jesse Miller

Common Sense Media

While at school, cellphones should be turned off and stored, unless otherwise specified by their teachers. In the interest of creating and maintaining a safe and caring learning community, we will continue to have conversations with our students regarding appropriate use of technology, and treating each other with kindness and respect. In this changing world, we see this as a learning opportunity for all of us.

Important Dates

Thursday, February 15th – Kindergarten Registration 9:30 am

Friday, February 16th – PAC Movie Night

Wednesday and Thursday, February 21st and 22nd – Student-led Conferences

                                                                Early Dismissal (2pm), and Scholastic Book Fair

Thursday, February 22nd – Hot Lunch

Friday, February 23rd – District Pro D Day – School not in Session

Thursday, March 1 – PAC Meeting 2pmAll parents are welcome