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Program Information

The Ministry of Education assigns specific curriculum objectives and expected learning outcomes for each subject area at each grade level.

Teachers at Hawthorne follow the mandated curriculum and Ministry Guidelines. If parents are interested in the nature of materials used, or the expected outcomes as outlined in these curriculum guides (Integrated Resource Packages), please feel free to check with your child's teacher. As well, complete copies of the IRPs (Integrated Resource Packages) are available for public perusal at the Curriculum and Resources Branch Web Site.
Your child's program (Kindergarten, and Grades One through Seven) consists of the following areas of instruction:

  • Language Arts - Reading, Spelling, Written Expression, Handwriting, Speaking, and Listening.
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science)
  • Social Studies (History, Geography, Political Science)
  • Core French (Grades 5,6,7).
  • Physical Health Education (All students are expected to actively participate in all activities to the best of their ability. Intermediate students are expected to wear proper gym strip: shorts, t-shirt or sweatshirt, runners with non-marking soles and no large heels. A note is appreciated if a student is too ill to participate.)
  • Personal Planning (Child Safety programs, career exploration/planning, personal goal setting and time management. Each student in Grades 1 through 7 is required to have a student daily planner at school each day as a part of their Personal Planning curriculum.)
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Music Appreciation
  • Information Technology (Computer Education)
Report Cards

The Provincial School Act requires that teachers report to parents on the academic progress of their children five times per year. Three of these reports are to be considered "formal", and are in written form. Our reporting periods are November, March and June. The remaining two reports are informal, and may take the form of an interview (in person or by phone), a student-led conference, a note home, or a written interim report.
Delta School District has a district reporting policy that all teachers follow. The purpose of this reporting is threefold. The teacher provides an overview of the term’s learning, then makes written comments that help the parent to understand, in relation to the expected learning outcomes:

  • what the student is able to do;
  • areas in which the student requires further attention or development;
  • ways of supporting the student in his or her learning.

In the primary grades, written reports take the form of anecdotal comments, meaning that the teacher provides personalized comments in regards to the individual student's progress.
Letter grades, accompanied by anecdotal comments, begin in Grade Four.
All students in Grades Four through Seven receive grades for the following subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Personal Planning, Physical Health Education, and the Fine Arts. As well, Grades Five, Six and Seven receive letter grades for Core French.


Each teacher has different materials and resources that he or she will choose to use in the classroom. At the beginning of September, students, particularly those in the intermediate grades, may be issued textbooks for use in school and at home.

Students are reminded that they are responsible for the return of these texts at the end of the year in reasonable condition.