Hawthorne Elementary School

Home of the Hawks


Code of Conduct:

At Hawthorne Elementary we ...

Take care of ourselves, Take care of others, Take care of this place.


The staff of Hawthorne Elementary School believe that:

  • Each individual is responsible for his or her own behaviour.
  • It is the responsibility of the school, in partnership with the home, to teach, model, and reinforce appropriate behaviour.
  • All behaviour has consequences.


The Hawthorne Elementary School staff will strive to:

  • Create a caring and safe environment for all
  • Teach children to make wise choices in order to become healthy, contributing citizens
  • Foster the growth of responsibility and respect of all people and property.


Students will:

  • Respect themselves, others, and property
  • Keep themselves, others and property safe
  • Be under supervision at all times
  • Be actively involved in their educational program.

At Hawthorne, we are a team… Together in learning at home and at school, Encouraging personal and social responsibility in a safe and respectful environment, Achieving our personal best by actively participating in a balanced education, Making a difference today, for tomorrow in a safe and respectful environment.