Hawthorne Elementary School

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Hawthorne Elementary

Hawthorne Elementary opened on June 10th, 1971 with the presence of Fred Gingell, the Chairman of Delta School Board.  Don Brown, a former Delta principal sold farmland covered with a grove of nut trees and a stand of Hawthorne trees, hence the name Hawthorne Elementary.  At first the school was much smaller and enrolled Grades 1 to 7.  Classes had about 40 students enrolled in each division.  Most of the students who first came to Hawthorne Elementary came from Delta Manor Elementary.  Many classrooms had sliding walls and the open education model was encouraged between adjoining classrooms.  The first principal was Jim Poetker and the vice principal was Ted Archibald.  Mrs. Eunice Getz became secretary soon after the building opened and worked there for about 30 years.  Our school  has  since grown to accommodate as many as 600 students in the 1990's.  When Neilson Grove opened, Hawthorne's student population declined to about 400 students.  Many renovations to the building have been done and students enjoy activities in the Library, Multipurpose Room and a large Gym.